Steam on Linux

When I initially switched over to Ubuntu my main go to games actually had native versions available, such as Unreal Tournament (GOTY, 2k3, 2k4) and Neverwinter Nights and I could run most of the other games that I found interesting in Wine.  Then it seems all the development studios started to program primarily for DirectX and then porting to OpenGL for the Mac, but never continuing the process to Linux due to “market share” and “fragmentation”.  It’s a Catch 22, gamers are use Windows because games are released for Windows, and developers release games for Windows because that’s what the gamers use.

So last year when Valve announced that they were porting Steam and their games to Linux, targeting Ubuntu 12.04, I was actually quite excited.   Since the beta opened I’ve been enjoying the benefits of being able to play a number of more modern titles than I previously had available and the current pace of games being released is phenomenal to the point that I now have more games to play than free time.   Now it’s just a matter of time for Valve to release the rest of their source games.


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