Consoles and media centre PCs

Before receiving an Xbox last year my primary device to stream media through my television was an old desktop running Ubuntu.  The problem with this was I hadn’t quite gotten around to installing an interface like mythTV to properly use it from across the room.  With the console always connected to the TV it made sense to use it to stream media stored on my main system, although it took some trial and error in order to get it to connect to folders on a linux desktop (coherence was what I ended up with btw).  That old desktop was then relegated to the cupboard until I could figure out what to do with it.

Since then a few things have occurred which have prompted me to think about a possible purpose for that old PC, my old Playstation2’s power adapter has given up and a new startup has received a lot of attention over a new low cost open source console.  In my search for more concrete information about this new console I stumbled across a guide on how to configure XBMC to play games using a current game controller, which got me thinking whether it is possible to package all the dependencies for currently released games and run them entirely off an optical drive.  Also it would be nice to be able to be able to emulate my PS2 and still play my games.

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